Processing times (not including ship times): 4-5 business days. Custom plates processing time up to 20 business days.

About LC

I began my cookie journey in 2011 by making cookies for my best friend's wedding. From there...the obsession became real. I began taking orders in 2013 (while still teaching middle school art) and my little business took off more than I ever could have imagined. I took more custom orders each week than I should have, made thousands of cookies every holiday - and while running on fumes...loved every bit of it!

Just a couple years after launching my business, with the help of my dad's engineer brain - I created and began producing The Cookie Swivel. 

In 2016 I began my 3-d printed cookie cutter journey...kind of unplanned. I mainly design cutters for my own personal use and throw them in my shop to share with you. I rarely sit to draw designs "just because." This same year, I also quit teaching full time to do cookies. With the "extra time" I had - I began teaching cookie classes. I find that cookie classes fulfill my desire to share and teach while still partaking in my passion that is cookie decorating. It's like my 2 worlds combine! As a former art teacher, I approach my classes in the same manner - by developing a "lesson plan" and skill set for the class and creating a curriculum for the various skill levels. 

In 2017 I had the idea for The Cookie Bridge - and released it in 2018. 


At the VERY end of 2019, my son was born and has made me step back and evaluate all of my business endeavors. I am still trying to figure out the mother/business woman balance, so please be patient with me! I have been a one woman show for a long time but I am finally reaching out for help in hopes to better accommodate my customers in a timely manner. 


For now, I will ship on TWO days each week - Tuesday & Thursday afternoon. Those days are guaranteed. IF I am able to have shipments prepared on other days - they will absolutely go out. I will work as much as I possibly can to ensure orders go out in a timely manner, but I am still a mom and as I'm slowly learning - plans don't always work out. (Which is very hard for a type A planner...) 





I will update my website (in all places) with updated restock information. You can check back HERE or on my IG story for the most updated info. 

Bridges on currently on back order and will be restocked by 12/5/20

Processing times are ALWAYS listed in the top banner on the website (shows on all pages). All sales are FINAL. Orders will NOT be refunded due to processing times. Orders will not be combined.