NO ORDERS WILL PROCESS OR SHIP 4/30-5/6 DUE TO COOKIE CON PARTICIPATION. PROCESSING TIMES WILL START 5/7. Processing times (not including ship times): 4-5 business days. Custom plates processing time up to 20 business days.

Custom Swivel Top Plate with Design Assistance & Proof
Custom Swivel Top Plate with Design Assistance & Proof

Custom Swivel Top Plate with Design Assistance & Proof

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Provide your logo (I cannot create logos for you) to be added to any of the stock designs or a custom background color. Ideal file type is a transparent .PNG I can modify any of the backgrounds (to an extent) or add in elements to coordinate with your logo. BE AS SPECIFIC as possible in your design requests. 

This option will require time and design work on my end (hence the more expensive price). I will complete orders as they come in - please allow 2+ weeks for processing. LIMITED ORDERS will be taken weekly due to time constraints. (Updated processing date will always be across the top of the site)

Please note that if there is a issue with your file attached that this will prolong your processing time. 

Background Options:

  • Gingham (Color to coordinate with logo or color of your choice)
  • Marble
  • White Wood
  • Sprinkles (Transparent or White)
  • Custom Color (Color to coordinate with logo or color of your choice)

Placement Options:

  • Centered
  • Bottom Center
  • Top Center
  • Corner (specify in notes)

 Shape Options for behind logo:
(If none desired, background will show behind the transparent logo)

  • Circle
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Custom to fit logo (shape will be the outline of your logo with a cushion)

**Shape can be a solid color or opaque**

 Text add on:
You can add text to your design - placement is up to you but I suggest along the edge. Website address, instagram handle, etc. 


Proof will be sent for your approval before printing. If you have something else in mind, please don't hesitate to ask. I am willing to work on the design with you (to an extent!)

Please make sure you provide a HIGH QUALITY file for high quality printing!


Take EXTRA SPECIAL care of your new top plate. Wash in warm soapy water only with a soft cloth. Do not scrub or use a rough sponge. Not dishwasher safe. Avoid heat. Avoid using metallic dusts, it likes to grab onto the design texture and not come off. Handle with care, the design can scratch. 

(As always, be sure to not get the metal spinner on The Cookie Swivel wet)

**All sales are FINAL**