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The Cookie Bridge SCRATCH & DENT
The Cookie Bridge SCRATCH & DENT

The Cookie Bridge SCRATCH & DENT

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SCRATCH & DENT - These Bridges have a small defect cosmetically, but they are perfectly functional. 

SHORT - These bridges are defective in the height of the legs. Instead of resting on the table, the legs act as a ledge to keep the bridge from slipping onto your cookie sheet. You can slide the bridge along the cookie sheet, rather than sliding the cookie sheet under the bridge (You can do both with the original). If you decorate on a shorter surface like a table or dehydrator table, then this height difference should not  affect you. Disclaimer: Some of these may also have some sort of cosmetic defect but it will not affect the functionality of the cookie bridge. 

The Cookie Bridge, just like The Cookie Swivel, is custom designed for cookiers by a cookier. This little bridge acts as an arm rest across your baking sheet or row of cookies.  The Cookie Bridge will help create comfort and steady your hand as you are working on cookies. With this handy tool, you can now add small details, smooth lines, and easy flooding all while leaving your cookie on the pan. This tool helps eliminate the use of picking up a cookie multiple times which helps prevent contamination or damage to the decorated cookie. The Cookie Bridge will help relieve your shoulder and arm while decorating, helping prevent fatigue (allowing you to decorate more cookies, therefore make more money...therefore it is a GREAT investment ;)

**Shipping prices increased in April 2022 to account for the additional postal fee for the larger box**


  • Measures at just over 19" long, able to reach over and rest on an 18" surface. It was made for the shorter size of a full cookie sheet, but can easily be used on small sheets/surfaces (trays, dehydrator pans, half and quarter sheets).

  • Made of thick acrylic for durability and easy to clean!

  • Glides across your surface for quick and easy movement

  • Food Safe